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In March 2016 the Parish Council resolved to promote a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a statutory document which will influence planning decisions in the Parish in respect of matters such as housing, the environment, conservation, community facilities and flood prevention.  The Parish Council duly established an Advisory Group which carried out various public consultation exercises early in 2017, including a very successful public meeting in March.

Using the information gathered from the public response the Advisory Group produced a consultation draft of the Neighbourhood Plan a copy of which is available on this website. A copy of the consultation draft was distributed to households, businesses and societies in the parish together with a questionnaire asking for comments on the draft. 96 responses were received and almost all of these approved the draft in full. The results were presented at a public meeting on February 23rd 2018 in the memorial hall, attended by more than 70 people. Many helpful comments were received and these will be reflected in the final draft. Erewash Borough Council has also been consulted and preliminary comments have been received.  

The consultation draft will be now be modified to produce a “pre-submission draft” which will be issued to various statutory bodies for consultation. The Parish Council will consider the responses and then submit a final version of the Neighbourhood Plan to Erewash Borough Council. The Council then has to follow various statutory procedures including the appointment of an independent examiner. The final stage in the adoption will be a referendum of all residents. It is hoped that this can all be completed during 2018.


1st Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan - Welcome

Parish Council Strategy on Highways and Road Safety

This does cause a problem as Highways and Traffic were amongst the most frequently mentioned concerns in the public consultation responses. The Parish Council will adopt a strategy to address these issues at a political level, separately from the Neighbourhood Plan, and the strong feedback from the questionnaire will act as a solid backing when we continue to lobby the authorities in an attempt to address the problems, as listed in section 11 of the Consultation Draft, and into the future. Residents can also help by lobbying local authorities and local councillors.